Networrk App Tutorial Videos

  1. What is networrk app?
    • Networrk app allows you to create a professional web presence along with digital catalog and product portfolio that you can share seamlessly with your prospects or clients via whatsapp, facebook messenger, sms, email or on any other social media channels.
    • If you are an individual entrepreneur or a freelancer or someone with an existing business, you can create your online web profile with the Networrk app and showcase your company details and products on the go to your clients and prospects in the most efficient way.
  2. How to create your stunning web profile?
    • Now create your stunning web profile in minutes. Follow 4 simple steps to create your profile. View this video and start building your online web profile in matter of minutes.
  3. How to create whatsapp integrated product and service catalogs?
    • Your products and catalogs are designed and stored in such a way that you may never go to your mobile phone gallery to select a particular product or products to send to your prospects or clients via whatsapp. Simply go to your catalog and share multiple products or catalogs that are systematically arranged for you via single web link to your clients along with their descriptions. This will help you clutter free image sharing on whatsapp.
  4. How to share your profile on WhatsApp or any other social media platforms?
    • Now share your profile created on Networrk platform instantly via WhatsApp to your clients just by 1 tap. Your profile will be shared with your clients via web url. Your customers will be able to see your profile along with products and services offered by you.
  5. How to share a particular product or a service catalog?
    • Use this option to send a single product details instead of sending entire bunch of product list.
  6. How to share a particular product to your clients
    • Use this option to send a single product details instead of sending entire bunch of product list.
  7. How to share a particular group of products from your existing product and service catalogs?
    • Use this option to share selected products from your existing products from product catalogs created by you.
  8. How to rearrange product and service catalogs?
    • It’s easy to rearrange your catalogs by simply drag their positions. Show newest item in your catalog on top of the catalog section in your profile. You can also rearrange the position a particular product inside the catalog as per your choice.
  9. How to Bulk upload Products
    • Use our bulk upload feature to upload products in bulk. The bulk upload is available on our desktop version.
    • Go to from your browser and login to Networrk platform
      • Manage Catalog & Portfolio
      • Add Button (Top right hand corner)
      • Bulk Upload Catalog
  10. How to download QR code of your profile?
    • Download QR code from My Account
      • View/Download QR code.
    • The best way to use this QR code is to put it on your Business Cards, Shop Signages or at the Kiosk table when you participate in any trade expo. On scanning this QR code, your users will be redirected on your company profile that you have created through network app.
  11. Complete Desktop Version Tutorial of Networrk App.
    • How to create web profile
    • How to create Product and Service catalogs
    • How to share Profile
    • Track Performance
  12. How to receive inquiries on WhatsApp
    • When you share your catalog or profile, you customers will be able to access products and services offered by you. Your customers will now be able to float inquiries of your products and services right on your Whatsapp
  13. How to manage subscriptions?
    • Networrk app gives you free subscription if you have only 25 product and service listing. Beyond this limit you can opt for monthly or yearly subscription suitable for you as per number of products uploaded by you. See this video to know how to subscribe a suitable plan for your business.